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Missing Work Due to Mental Illness

How can someone with mental illness become well-versed in their rights and possible accommodation options so that they don’t fear job loss every time they have a mental health time off? Check out this site specifically about how your mental

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Planning for Depression

One common suggestion for people with bipolar is to document how you would like things to proceed when you are unwell.  This is my plan.  Feel free to adapt it for your use. Wellness Strategy (ongoing pretty much daily –

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Should I Disclose My Mental Illness?

There are varying sources of advice on whether or not to disclose a mental illness to family, friends, and employers.  I disclosed to my 2 closest family members – my husband and my mom nearly right away after my *final*

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BP Relationship Pain – Breaking it Down

My bipolar II is affecting my partner, and I’m not sure how to reverse the hurt it has caused, mainly because I don’t remember a lot. My partner is one of those people that has a chronically joyful smile and is

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Bipolar 2 Symptoms That Don’t Make Sense

As always, I’m a person with lived experience and not a medical professional.  (Which I find is more often valuable for other folks, anyway).  Enjoy! The past couple of days I have been in my bed.  It has been a

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How Culture, Communication and Relationships Hinder BP Progress

Over the course of my BP II discovery and diagnosis (anywhere from 5-20 years), I have lived in 2 distinct cultures where the communication expectations varied greatly.  Both discourage speaking up assertively or transparently.  Conflict in one culture is ignored and

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