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Trauma Work and Bipolar

Let’s be honest, many of us go into social services, social work, psychology, sociology, etc., to make sense of our own past.  It took me over 10 years to acknowledge this and attempt to make peace with it.  I’m not

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Should I Disclose My Mental Illness?

There are varying sources of advice on whether or not to disclose a mental illness to family, friends, and employers.  I disclosed to my 2 closest family members – my husband and my mom nearly right away after my *final*

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Suicidal yesterday, good today

Trigger Warning: I talk about some dark stuff here. Last week about this time I was in such great emotional pain that I was thinking about suicide every few minutes.  I pulled up to a roadside diner that had parallel

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How Culture, Communication and Relationships Hinder BP Progress

Over the course of my BP II discovery and diagnosis (anywhere from 5-20 years), I have lived in 2 distinct cultures where the communication expectations varied greatly.  Both discourage speaking up assertively or transparently.  Conflict in one culture is ignored and

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