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Trauma work, bipolar and thoughts of suicide or homicide

The complexity of living with bipolar II and having a career where there I am exposed to others’ trauma is a lively tightrope walk that involves honest self-reflection, exceptional supervision and surrender.  I know some things, but I am not

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Trauma Work and Bipolar

Let’s be honest, many of us go into social services, social work, psychology, sociology, etc., to make sense of our own past.  It took me over 10 years to acknowledge this and attempt to make peace with it.  I’m not

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Missing Work Due to Mental Illness

How can someone with mental illness become well-versed in their rights and possible accommodation options so that they don’t fear job loss every time they have a mental health time off? Check out this site specifically about how your mental

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Should I Disclose My Mental Illness?

There are varying sources of advice on whether or not to disclose a mental illness to family, friends, and employers.  I disclosed to my 2 closest family members – my husband and my mom nearly right away after my *final*

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Functional Professional or Fraud

I am in the final recruitment states for a job, and they require that you answer a question I have paraphrased, “Do you have or have you ever experienced illness or injury that may impacted your ability to perform or

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