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BP Relationship Pain – Breaking it Down

My bipolar II is affecting my partner, and I’m not sure how to reverse the hurt it has caused, mainly because I don’t remember a lot. My partner is one of those people that has a chronically joyful smile and is

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Losing Lithium’s Side Effects, Gaining Sodium Valproate

Lithium has caused some nasty side effects for me over the past few years.  I did not even realize that my symptoms were likely a direct result of the drug despite working very closely (once weekly) with my psychiatrist.  I

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Bipolar 2 Symptoms That Don’t Make Sense

As always, I’m a person with lived experience and not a medical professional.  (Which I find is more often valuable for other folks, anyway).  Enjoy! The past couple of days I have been in my bed.  It has been a

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Suicidal yesterday, good today

Trigger Warning: I talk about some dark stuff here. Last week about this time I was in such great emotional pain that I was thinking about suicide every few minutes.  I pulled up to a roadside diner that had parallel

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How Culture, Communication and Relationships Hinder BP Progress

Over the course of my BP II discovery and diagnosis (anywhere from 5-20 years), I have lived in 2 distinct cultures where the communication expectations varied greatly.  Both discourage speaking up assertively or transparently.  Conflict in one culture is ignored and

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I was having what you might call a “bad day.”  Thoughts of suicide were clinging to me, and I was neither asleep or awake.  Nobody noticed the lead up when I was asking to get together for a coffee, but

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The Girl Who Told Me ‘Think Positively’

I had my first conversation with a relative who has never had real depression.  She said that she does have, “down days,” and that what works for her is to think positively.  It was a loaded comment which I believe had

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